Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (3)

Here is the third part of Kevin DeYoung's series on "Dealing with Disappointment In the Church". This time from the perspective of the individual members. This is perhaps the most useful section for me as I am just a member of my local church. Disppointment happens. I have experienced. I have heard others express it. Fact is that we are not perfect and can not be in this life. Others disppoint us and we disappoint others. If I look at it from the pastor's perspective I would say that there must be time they shake their heads in disbelief that 'these people just don't get it. Didn't they hear the sermon last Sunday?' Much the same as Jesus dealing with the dim witted apparent slowness of his disciples who had in Him right there in their midst and often blew it. Thank God for His Grace.

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (3)

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