Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (1)- Kevin DeYoung

Here is a new series by Kevin DeYoung that I am interested in seeing where it goes.

This is a problem I myself struggle with and recognize that there are two sides to every situation.

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (1)

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  1. When, "Dealing with disappointment in the church" isn’t the First challenge;
    What church are we talking about?

    1 - Is there disappointment in “The Church of God?” Where Jesus is the master?
    He is the head of the body, (the ekklesia, the called out one’s), the Church? Col 1:18

    2 - Or, Is the disappointment in “the church of baptist?” Where man is the master?
    (Or pick a “Title/Label.” Any “Religious Corporation” most call church?)

    1 - In “The Church of God” “His Disciples” are “Servants.”
    NOT “exercising authority” or “lording it over” God’s heritage.
    (Mat 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25,) (2Cor 1:24, 1Pet 5:3, 3 John 9)

    2 - In “the church of man” most so-called “Servant-Leaders” act
    like they are called to be “Leaders” of the “Servants.”

    They teach a lot about “Obey your Leaders” but, NOT much teaching
    or “examples to the flock” of submitting one to another, or
    esteeming others better then themselves. Eph 5:21, Php 2:3,
    Ever suggest how beneificial for a “Senior Pastor” to submit to you? Ouch! :-(

    My experience with “Servant-Leaders” and being in “leadership” shows me...

    Everyone who assumes the position of “Servant-Leader”

    No matter how loving, eventually...
    No matter how humble, eventually...
    No matter how much a servant, eventually...

    Will “exercise authority” and “lord it over” God’s sheep.
    Thus - disqualifying themselves from the position.

    That’s always the beginning of “disappointment” and “spiritual abuse.”

    “Servant-Leader” = exercise authority = lord it over = abuse = always.

    1 - In “The Church of God” Jesus calls them, “My Sheep.”

    2 - In “the church of man” the leader thinks they are his sheep.
    The leader uses terms like, My church, my sheep, my people. :-(

    1 - In “The Church of God” “His Disciples” do NOT take “Titles.” Only “Servant.”
    “His Disciples” are NOT called rabbi/teacher, master/leader/teacher. Mat 23:8-10

    2 - In “the church of man” there are many “Titles” taken - NOT in the Bible.
    Pope, Cardinal, Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Reverend, Right Reverend,
    Most Holy Right Reverend, Clergy, Vicar, Head Elder, and the list goes on.

    Did anyone have the “Title” “pastor/reverend” in the Bible?
    Were any congregations led by a “pastor/reverend” in the Bible?

    Seems to me the disappointment is found within “the church of man.” :-(

    Jesus, and “His Ekklesia” is doing just fine. Thank you Jesus. ;-)

  2. Amos, thanks for the comments. I am always talking about the church of God where Jesus Christ is the head. Mike T.


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