Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Essential Core Christian Beliefs

Ask yourself if you affirm the following core Christian beliefs? Hopefully this list should not be too controversial to you.

About God:
• God is Triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
• God is eternal
• God is Holy
• God is Unchanging
• God is Impassable
• God is Infinite
• God is All-Powerful
• God is Everywhere –present
• God is All-wise
• God is All-Knowing
• God is Self-Existent
• God is Spirit
• God is Just
• God is Merciful
• God is Jealous
• God is Sovereign

About Jesus Christ:
• Christ is fully man and fully God
• The virgin birth of Jesus Christ
• Christ died on the cross and rose bodily from the grave for our sins (1 Cor 15:3-4
• Faith in Christ is necessary (John 3:16). Justification is through faith alone on the basis of Christ alone
• The future second coming of Christ
Regarding Scripture (The Bible):
• Inspiration and authority of Scripture
• Scripture alone has ultimate and final authority on all matters of faith and practice
• The canon of Scripture made up of 66 books (excluding the Deuterocanonical books)

Regarding salvation
• Eternal punishment of the unredeemed
• Christ is the only way to a right relationship with God.
• Belief that you are a sinner in need of God’s mercy (1 John 1:10)

In later postings we will begin to take a look at these key beliefs of the Christian Faith.

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