Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are You A Real Friend (Part 2)

The second part of a good post from "Every Square Inch" I have included the first bit of this excellent article. You can follow the link at the bottom to read the rest. Make the effort to begin to challenge your friends and to be willing to listen to their challenges. Accountability, exhortation, discipleship, forgiveness, humility and grace will help us all serve Christ with more joy.

Are You a Real Friend? Part 2

If you are going to have the kind of friends that the Bible says that we all need, then you're going to have to wrestle with the counter intuitive nature of Christianity. So much of the Christian life is out of step with the way the way world works or how we naturally think on our own. It even seems to run against what we might call "common sense."

For example, both our own nature and the wider culture affirm the one who gains the world while Jesus affirms the one who loses their life. Or we are repeatedly told that the road to greatness is paved in fairly traditional and self-serving ways but Jesus teaches that greatness is attained through servanthood. It's a huge step of faith in God to find your life by losing it or to serve your way to greatness.
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