Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Notes of the Day

Continue to pray for Christians in Nigeria where a masacre left 100's dead.

Finished a pretty good book called "The Cross Gardener" by Jason F. Wright. I couldn't put it down. Just a nice work of fiction that stirs up some emotions and thoughts about the process of healing after losing a loved one.

Reading through the Psalms and accessing some commentaries along the way such as James Montgomery Boice's volume one on Psalms. I currently finished Psalm 8 last night. I can't fathom how so many can look at the creation around them and not come to give glory to God. He placed us here as stewards over a most wonderful and amazing creation. In the grand scheme of creation we received a special honor of authority over the beasts of this world. And in it all we are purposed to praise and glorify our creator. How insignificant I feel in relation to the one who placed the stars in the sky with His fingertips. So no, I am not shaken by stories of fossil records of apelike ancestors or rocks that are carbon dated to be eons old. Suns don't expel light and heat and exert gravity and planets don't revolve in perfect synchronization by random cosmic forces. Cells don't develop self sustaining production mechanisms from lifeless inorganic materials. No one can conceive a rational thought just because some chemicals arranged themselves in such a way as to store, process, and retrieve information. And what of emotions, feelings, love, art and creativity? Are they the mere consequence of a sporadic evolutionary process that simply benefited the selection process? I find such ideas absurd and evidence of blindness. Science that denies the existence of God will one day be found to be based upon false theories and incomplete understanding of the facts. The scientist who accepts random chaotic processes can create a complex organized universe will one day find that they might as well been trying to play an impossible game of Concentration. A small piece of a large puzzle is revealed in that game and one has to guess based upon the revealed clues what is behind the blocks that hide the rest. The scientist will find out that he only had a couple of microscopic glimpses of a bigger picture that spanned infinitely in all directions. When the puzzle is finally revealed he will find out that what he thought was the jawbone of an ancient ancestor of man was actually the posterior of something else. I accept the Psalmist's assertion that 1) A majestic God created all things. 2) God created and placed mankind purposely in this creation and established him on earth in the highest position below his creator, a place of special significance and benefit and responsibility. 3) There is an established order and hierarchy and man ranks subbordinate to God and subject to Him. 4) Man can only be amazed that God granted him this place in this marvelous and most beautiful world. Why God loved us and bestowed this world to us is an obvious question. It made the Pslamist break out in praise. What else can the wise do? In the end I believe that the truth will be shown that there is truly a God and all will say how majestic is His name!

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