Friday, November 13, 2009

Shirley Logan and other music to soothe the soul.

A good book is always a good way to relax. A good song can also do wonders for the heart. Today I was blessed with some inspirational tunes from Shirley Logan. Though Shirley is not well known, her music is some of the finest I have heard in years. Her songs "Baby Jane", "Water", "Like a Father" and "Kiss Me Slowly" are four of my favorites. Shirley brings a mix of inspirational lyrics that deal with love, life, spiritual and heart tugging themes. The first song I encountered was "Baby Jane" which looks beyond the grief from the loss of a child to the knowledge that one day we will be reunited with them again. Life is in fact eternal and there is a great reunion and a time to rejoice with Jesus and our dear ones on that great day when we meet Him in the sky. This song is a great comfort for those who may have lost a child to a miscarriage or too early in this life. Another song she does is called "Water" and it reminds us that God is in fact so dear and precious to us as life giving water. We can trust His promise to care and guide us through this life and even the storms and thorns of this life He uses to draw us to trust in Him more. And there is "Kiss Me Slowly" a sensual and passionate song of longing love and desire. Turn to Itunes and sample some of her music. I downloaded the whole album about a year ago and find it a blessing every time I listen to it.

Some links to Shirley Logan on the web:

Shirley Logan's Myspace page for more about her and to sample her music.

Shirley Logan on CD Baby to try or purchase her music album.

She would probably also like to hear from new fans.

Besides Shirley's music I have become such a great fan of Phil Keaggy over the past several years. Phil has some Podcasts that will simply blow you away. The September 2008 podcast here has some great stuff that is simply just phemomenal. Check it out you won't regret it. And it's free. His fans will love the songs. If you haven't yet heard them and you enjoy rock and acoustic guitar sounds this is great. He also introduces some new artist's music.

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  1. HI! This is Shirley Logan... I just stumbled on your blog about my music (Nov 2009) this morning when I was looking for a link in google... I wanted to say Thank You for your kind words and telling others. I am just now really promoting the full CD, So Much To Say, and it is an overwhelming task to do on my own (no money for marketing so I am using the internet). I was SO ENCOURAGED to keep pressing on! Mostly, I am blessed that the Holy Spirit is revealing himself through the music, even though I am not blatantly calling it "christian music". This is purposeful... to try to reach broken people who may be turned off from "religion" .. not knowing that Our Father LOVES them and is REAL and longs for relationship. I am subscribing to your blog now... we have a lot in common! I would love for you to check out my blog too... I just started it a few weeks ago. Here is the link :
    Blessings to you! Shirley


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